“Our Bodies: Loving Self, Identity & Personal Liberties”


Programme at Raw Material Company

May–July 2014

Raw Material Company
Center for art, knowledge and society
4074 bis Sicap Amitié 2
BP 22710 Dakar
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10am–7pm

T +221 33 864 0248


“Our Bodies: Loving Self, Identity & Personal Liberties” a seminar held in conjunction with “Precarious Imaging” the first exhibition on the topic of same-sex desire by African Artists who identify as GLBTQ in Africa.

7–8 May

“Today I believe in the possibility of love; that is why I endeavour to trace its imperfections, its perversions.”
–Frantz Fanon

Fanon, the father of what is considered postcolonial studies, traces the affects of colonialism not just on the mere physical geography of land and territory but rather, what is considered more damaging, the scars, traces and imprints of colonialism on the geographies of the physical body. Fanon’s statement about love is an invitation to embark on a journey of true liberation from the chains of colonialism to attain personal liberties. “Our Bodies: Loving Self, Identity & Personal Liberties” is a two-day seminar of personal development and enrichment. Building on the primary subject of the exhibition Precarious Imaging through communal dialogue, personal narrative, and interpersonal exercises, we will engage with Fanon’s possibility of love. The seminar is led by Dr Myron Beasley, Associate Professor of African American Studies, Bates College.

Dakar Biennial OFF Programme
Precarious Imaging
Visibility Surrounding African Queerness
11 May–18 July